Navagio Beach, maybe the most beautiful place in the world

October 6, 2017 seenplaces 0

I have seen many spectacular places over the years, Navagio being one of them. There are much more exotic destinations in the world, but the near-mountain approach always awakens a lot of interest, stimulates our sight, gives us the show. While staying in Zakynthos Island, although our accommodation was located […]

Liverpool: Chronicle of a successful city break

October 5, 2017 seenplaces 0

Liverpool is at the heart of the Beatles, a relationship that delivers mentally the form of intimacy en cuanto pronunciamos su nombre. Aunque su de coloquial form también está ligada al equipo de fútbol de nombre homónimo. Pero and bien estas relaciones son ciertas, nuestro viaje en la primavera de […]